Qualified dental treatment with the use of painless technologies. Treatment of tooth decay, its complications. Sealing, aesthetic restoration, treatment of canals and much more.


Extraction of teeth of varying degrees of complexity, plastic frenum, operation on the roots of teeth using a laser, plastic gums with injections of hyaluronic acid. All manipulations are absolutely painless.


The clinic has extensive experience in performing modern orthopedic works - metal-ceramic constructions, metal-free ceramics, veneers. Removable prosthetics (plate and clasp prosthesis). In any case, the doctor, like a sculptor, creates teeth that are indistinguishable from their own in color or shape.


The clinic takes one of the best implantologists in Kiev. Successfully performed operations of intraosseous implantation by implants of various firms, sinus lifting, bone grafting, splitting of the alveolar ridge and subsequent prosthetics on implants. Like all dental services, implantation is completely painless.


The clinic is engaged in diagnostics, treatment and prevention of tissues surrounding the tooth. We successfully apply mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, vector system, plasmolifting.


Hygiene of the oral cavity and prevention of caries are the main conditions for the teeth to remain healthy and strong, for this we apply mechanical and ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, cleaning teeth with a sandblaster, office and home teeth whitening. The doctor will teach you how to clean your teeth and pick up the right toothpaste and other hygiene products.


This section of dentistry is studying the correction of the bite of the teeth and the wrong position in the mouth of individual teeth. These methods are applicable both for children and adults. In the clinic, the very famous in Kiev orthodontist successfully uses various braces of the system, removable devices, orthodontic plates to correct the occlusion.

X-ray Diagnostics

The clinic uses diagnostics using a radiovisiograph, which allows to significantly reduce the level of irradiation.

Children's Dentistry

From the first visits to the dentist, the whole future fate of the little person depends. We pay special attention to our small patients and provide services in the field of pediatric dentistry - dental treatment, silvering, fluorization, pouring fissures, surgical interventions. Our clinic is a clinic for family dentistry, our grandparents, parents and their children are treated.

Briefly about the clinic

Dr. Chelengirov Dentistry

Our clinic was opened on November 26, 1996, from the very beginning we determined for ourselves the main priority in our work - the combination of high quality dental services and the availability of prices.


In our clinic, there are guarantees for all types of work in accordance with the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine No. 305 of November 22, 2000. Guarantees remain with mandatory preventive examination every 6 months. If the rules of personal hygiene of the oral cavity are violated, the warranty terms are reduced by 30-50%.



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